About Season Two

Welcome to Season 2 of Muskoka Alter Eco! We hope you absolutely LOVE this season’s designs as much as we do. This season, we have a few exciting changes to announce.

All materials are 100% Canadian sourced.

This is a HUGE victory for us because supporting our local Canadian economy is a top priority. All fabric is now sourced from a supplier in Montreal. Don’t worry, we’re still using EcoNyl - our favourite recycled nylon fabric!

All of this season’s swimwear is 100% handmade in Muskoka!

This helps us achieve a greater level of sustainability and allows you, as a consumer, to know exactly where your swimsuit comes from.

This year, we hope to elevate MAE to the next level.

We strive to provide options for more body types, to promote a higher standard of sustainability, and to become known and loved by more of the people who appreciate Muskoka as much as we do.

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